Volki Kendo

Frontside speed or backside face shots? On the Volkl Kendo skis, you can have the best of both sides of the mountain.


Volkl Kendo skis work well if you’re sticking to the groomed runs, but they are ideal if you find yourself switching between groomed runs and off-piste terrain. The skis’ design is quick and responsive across all terrain and in all conditions, with 89mm waist offering enough flotation to enjoy the occasional powder stash.

The Kendo has re-set the bar for frontside/backside skis. With a slightly wider 126-89-110mm shape, and the addition of tip rocker the handling becomes easier on the groomers PLUS providing even better soft snow performance. The Volkl Kendo will take any skier from the back bowls to the frontside with ease.

Sensorwood core consists of vertically laminated ash and poplar woods, providing responsive, powerful turning and torsional rigidity. 2 titanium sheets increase torsional resistance and damp vibrations without adding cumbersome weight.

Slight rise in the tips makes it easy to start turning and offers forgiving stability in crud, and standard camber underfoot enhances maneuverability on groomed runs. Directional twin-tip construction excels when skiing forward and gives you the option of riding switch if you need. A low tip shape smooths out your ride on the groomed runs and resists diving in soft snow while vertical sidewalls provide excellent grip, stability and sensitivity.



Skill Level

Advanced, Expert


163, 170, 177, 184



Turn Radius

22.6 @ 177


Wood with a Metal Laminate


Early Rise / Camber


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