Volki Gotama

The most versatile big mountain ski on the market, the Volkl Gotama maxes out both powder and groomed snow performance thanks to ELP full rocker design.


The Volkl Gotama is the universal freeride weapon. It has a long description and a big promise, but the Volkl Gotama delivers on all accounts. Whether it\'s thigh-high powder or groomed trails – the Gotama and its moderate rocker shape is the perfect sparring partner for all freeriders who like to check out the snow before deciding which side of the mountain they want to tackle today.

Outfitted with multi layer woodcore and Tough Box construction, it even gives freestylers enough pop for the occasional jump.

Full Rocker – Volkl Full rocker is a smooth, gradual bend from tip to tail, with matching sidecut and a symmetrical flex pattern. The Extended Low Profile (ELP) gives skiers all the benefits of extra maneuverability in soft snow while delivering smooth, sexy arcs on groomed terrain. The matching flex and sidecut on the full rocker gives you full, uninterrupted edge contact. The more the ski is on edge the more effective that edge becomes, and the resulting smoothness and predictability is uncanny.

Multi-Layer Sensorwood – Created in a complex CNC milling process, a highly sophisticated milling program enables Volkl to produce wood cores with extreme precision. It is ‘extended’ upwards and lengthwise, and milled to form chambers for the vertical sidewalls and torsion box. The material is a blend of poplar and beech wood, and is found in Volkl\'s highest performing models.

Tough Box Construction – Tough Box Construction features a multi-layered wood core wrapped with a composite/fiberglass sheath to create the ultimate resilience and snap for Volkl\'s freeskiing models. Surrounding the core in the mid-body of the ski, it adds snap, strength and binding screw retention.

30% Groomed – 70% Powder



Skill Level

Intermediate, Advanced, Expert


170, 178, 186



Turn Radius

24.9m @ 178




Rocker / Flat / Rocker


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