Rossignol Experience 83

The new Rossignol Experience 83 is a high performance carving machine with a definitive freeride touch and feel that provides advanced and expert skiers with an unprecedented and powerful do-it-all ski.


Experience everything the mountains have to offer on just one pair of skis. The Rossignol Experience 83 Skis will allow you to rip down groomers, float through softer snow or zip through tree lines, all with ease. The combination of an Auto Turn rocker profile, an Extended sidecut and Cascade tip delivers amplified performance for every skier type in all snow conditions.

Auto Turn Rocker – 70% traditional high camber underfoot with 30% low rocker at the tip and tail. Camber underfoot delivers power, energy, and edge-grip for performance on groomed snow, while the subtle tip & tail rocker delivers easy steering, easier carved turning, effortless speed control and maximum versatility in all terrain and snow types.

Cascade Tip – Varying shapes of metal and / or fiberglass laminates are at staggered lengths for a lighter tip. Unique layered shapes control tip torsion, smoothing out turn initiation and improving full edge contact. A lighter tip improves swing weight for quick and adaptable turn initiation.

Extended Sidecut – Sidecut continues beyond the contact point where the tip and tail rocker start. As speeds and edge angles increase, more sidecut is engaged for powerful full-length edge grip. At lower speeds and edge angles the sidecut is less engaged for more maneuverability and ease.

Your search for a do-everything ski is over now that you’ve found the Rossignol Experience 83.



Skill Level

Advanced, Expert


160, 168, 176, 184



Turn Radius

15.5m @ 176


Wood with a Metal Laminate


Rocker Camber Rocker


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