K2 Subculture

The K2 Subculture is built for the core rider who keeps it simple and lets his riding do the talking.

Affinity and Summit both stock the normal version while Summit also has the ‘Wide’ version.


Submerse yourself in a world of your own with the K2 Subculture Snowboard. A Precision Lifted™ profile and Tweekend™ Baseline technology provide a traditional camber board without the hookiness, while Hybritech™ construction provides low swing-weight, optimized turn initiation, and durability.

If you prefer a ‘wide’ snowboard, the K2 Subculture Wide is also available from Summit Sport.

Precision Lifted™ – Bringing a new level of Pop to K2′s Baseline offering, Lifted is just what it sounds like. Taking the flat between the feet foundation that all K2′s boards are built on and simply raised it. This brings in the Pop of cambered boards while maintaining the even weighted contact points that give you the straight tracking, effortless precision of a flat board.

Tweekend™ – A revolutionary tweak to the ends of K2′s industry leading Baseline technology. By extending the Baseline rocker all the way out to the absolute ends of the board, additional rideable surface is unlocked, giving you a bigger, more stable platform to press, float and land on.

Twin Hyper Progressive Sidecut – An infinite number of different radii are blended together flawlessly from mellow in the tips, to more aggressive in the center. The result is a super predictable feel that never hooks. Responsive at high speeds and smooth enough to butter your way from the peak to park.

W2 Core – Three species of renewable wood are assembled to optimize strength, reduce weight, and enhance damping without the addition of other materials.

Triaxial Glass – A glass laminate with diagonal layers that stiffens the board torsionally, giving you improved edge hold and increased stability for those off-axis landings.

ICG 10 – Integrating carbon into the fiberglass reduces overall weight and creates a super smooth release of power while increasing pop and liveliness.

Patented Hybritech™ – Hybritech™ is the most efficient way to make a snowboard without sacrificing one ounce of performance. This construction features sidewall along the running surface that flows into the nose and tail to provide low swing-weight, optimized turn initiation and durability.

4000 Sintered Base – This is the fastest base material available, with exceptional durability and wax retention.

Carbon Web™ I – Designed specifically to enhance Baseline technology, K2′s Carbon Web brings the pop and snap of carbon closer to your bindings for maximum ollie power and control in every situation.

Clean graphics and loaded with the all-new precision and pop of Precision Lifted Baseline, the K2 Subculture is always there, under the surface, questioning the establishment and living its own way.



Skill Level

Intermediate, Advanced


156, 158, 161, 164

Summit Only ‘Wide’ Sizes

154, 157, 160




Flat / Camber / Flat

Effective Edge

1243.8mm @ 158


8m @ 158

Set Back

0.75in / 19mm

Stance Width

22in / 559mm @ 158


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